Are You Spiritual?

We respect people's journey like Paul when he was visiting Mars Hill in the book of Acts. We want to listen to the life journey's of the people of our city. We haven't got it all together. We would like to dialogue over the fact we don't just live in a physical world, but also a spiritual world. 


Everyone is creative. And we want to celebrate creativity. In fact creativity helps make people unique. Sometimes the church lacks creativity. It can become predictable, even tired in its expression. God is the original Creator and we believe the church needs to break out into creative expressions that inspire.


Freedom. We all want it. We believe that Christ offers freedom and turns on its head the perception that Christianity is super restrictive and ties you up like a Mummy. At least it doesn't have to. We are about freedom and being free from the things that can enslave us. One thing to be free from is religion - traditions and rituals that can tie you up and squeeze the life out of you. Can you be a believer and be free from the trappings of religion? We think so.


Community is important to us. We are a community moving forward. Often we begin our get togethers with coffee and connection. Church should not be a collection of disengaged people just getting a dose on Sundays, but a family.

Global Cities

Having visited Tate Gallery a few years ago in London I was intoxicated with the exciting trends taking place in global cities. Over 50% of the world's population now lives in cities. God loves cities. We get that theology from His take on cities like Nineveh and Jerusalem. Sometimes the church looks down on cities. We like to engage our city - over 4 million reasons to love Melbourne.

The Party

The kingdom of God is a party. We believe the church doesn't always reflect the sense of celebration that Christ embodies. The Wedding at Cana is one of our favourite passages in the bible. Talk about a BYO - Jesus turns gallons of water into premium wine for a community celebration. Sound irresponsible? Well we believe the grace of God is outrageously good and over the top!

The Song

What is the song of your life? Maybe a heavy question. Our passion is to see the song inside people released. Wings to fly. A symphony to be played.


Melbourne is a city of foodies. The bible invites us to "taste and see the Lord is good." This is an invitation. In a city of festivals we believe there is a richness in relationship with God that overarches everything.


Nuances are to be appreciated when it comes to fine dining. In the same way we want to be a thankful community, able to appreciate the favour and blessings bestowed on us. Life gets hectic. We like to stop and take it all in and give thanks. Even for the air we breathe and the simple things. We recognise the hand of God in the everyday affairs of men and believe He is Supreme and worthy of worship.


We encourage people to dream and dream big. Over one third of the bible was given in dreams. Dream language is the language of God. That doesn't mean we are completely weird but recapturing something that's been a bit lost. We encourage audacious dreams because we don't believe God is holding out on us...


Relationships can be challenging. Broken hearts and disappointments. We believe God helps us in the area of relationships. Marriage, singles, parenting, divorce... 


Family is also an important word to us. We believe society is built on family relationships and family should be celebrated. Sometimes in churches single people can feel left out. We want to encourage singles and marrieds and have a church which is itself a family where people feel a sense of belonging.