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NCMI Equip Feb 2018 in Melbourne


Not to be missed leaders training time to equip for ministry. Every year NCMI hosts Equip with standout worship sessions, preaching from the apostolic team, and connections with leaders from across Australia as well as overseas. Register on NCMI Australia site - earlybird prices for those quick off the mark. Every year is epic!



Vic Equip at Melbourne Life Church Hallam Sat May 6 2017 with Leo and Christine Nicotra. Need to register on Melbourne Life Church Hallam website. 


Gather with other relating churches and leaders.


Current preaching series -  Foundations of Freedom from Galatians. 

We are called to freedom! Are we truly free? Teaching through the book of Galatians.



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About The Leaders

David and Sam Hagger have a passion for church planting and are enjoying life in Melbourne with their family. Contact David on 0404014479 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

David is an accountant who switched to run his social media business since 2014. Sam is a successful Personal Trainer in the eastern suburbs. 

David and Sam were pastors in a large Aussie church Coastlands International Christian Centre in Adelaide for 11 years from 1999-2010.

David’s descendants include pioneering revivalists John and Henry Langley who as Bishop of Bendigo (and founder of St Matthews in Prahran) was a powerful evangelist and church leader in early settlement. The Langley’s had a profound effect on early Melbourne and its education having been formative in the establishment of schools like St Catherine’s School.

Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith

God the Father
There is one God, who exists eternally in three distinct but equal persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. God is unchanging in his holiness, justice, wisdom and love. He is the Almighty Creator, Saviour and Judge who sustains and governs all things according to his sovereign will for his own glory.

God desires intimate relationship with man. Pursuing a loving intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father is our ultimate purpose.

The Lord Jesus Christ
The Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, fully God and fully man, was supernaturally conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary, and lived a sinless life in obedience to the Father. He taught with authority and all his words are true.

On the cross Jesus died vicariously for our sins, bearing God’s punishment for us, and redeeming us by his blood. He rose from the dead and in his resurrection body ascended into heaven where he is exalted as Lord of all. He intercedes for his people in the presence of the Father and mediates God’s grace for the recovery of our humanity and the restoration of all things. He is the Head of his body, the Church, and should be adored, loved, served, and obeyed by all.

Through intimacy with the Father and the empowering of the Holy Spirit we are called to do the works he did!  Even better – he said we will do greater things! John 14:12

Jesus has left us a mandate for life on this earth in Matthew 28:19-20 – to take the Gospel of the Kingdom to the nations of the world.

We believe, and look forward to, the visible, personal and glorious return of Jesus Christ. 

The Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit has been sent from heaven to glorify Jesus Christ and to apply his work of salvation. He convicts sinners, imparts spiritual life and gives a true understanding of the Scriptures. He indwells all believers, bringing assurance of salvation, imparting new abilities and gifts to them, and producing increasing likeness to Christ. He builds up the Church and empowers its members for worship, service and mission.

The Bible
God has revealed himself in the Scriptures also known as the Bible, which consists of the Old and New Testaments alone. Every word was inspired by God through human authors, so that the Bible as originally given is entirely the Word of God, without error and fully reliable in fact and doctrine. The Bible alone speaks with final authority and is always sufficient for all matters of belief and practice.

The Kingdom of God
The Kingdom of God is the rule and government of God. God’s people are called to advance the rule of God on the earth, as it is in heaven. We are not ‘kingdom now’ people and believe there is still a measure of kingdom to come at the end of the age.

The church is part of the kingdom of God.

The Human Race
All men and women, being created in the image of God, have inherent and equal dignity and worth. Their greatest purpose is to believe, obey, worship and love God. As a result of the rebellious fall of our first parents, every aspect of human nature has been corrupted and all men and women are without spiritual life, guilty sinners and hostile to God. We are utterly incapable of returning to God. This depravity is radical and pervasive. It extends to our mind, will, and affections.

Every person is therefore under the just condemnation of God and needs to be born again, forgiven and reconciled to God in order to know and please him.

The Gospel
The good news of salvation is revealed in Jesus’ birth, life, death, resurrection, and ascension. Salvation is entirely a work of God’s grace and cannot be earned or deserved. It has been accomplished by the Lord Jesus Christ and is offered to all in the Gospel. God in his love forgives sinners whom he calls, granting them repentance and faith.

Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man. There is no other name by which men must be saved. At the heart of all sound doctrine is the cross of Jesus Christ and the infinite privilege that redeemed sinners have of glorifying God because of what he has accomplished.

All who believe in Christ are justified by faith alone, adopted into the family of God and receive eternal life.

Man’s response to the Gospel is rooted and grounded in the free and unconditional election of God for his own pleasure and glory. It is also true that the message of the Gospel is only effectual to those who genuinely repent of their sins and, by God’s grace, put saving faith in Christ.

This Gospel of grace is to be faithfully preached to all men in all nations. Biblical repentance is characterized by a changed life, and saving faith is evidenced by kingdom service and works. While neither repentance nor works save, unless a person is willing to deny himself, pick up his cross, and follow Christ, he cannot become his disciple.

The Church
The Church universal is the body of which Jesus Christ is the head and is made up of all those who have become genuine followers of Jesus Christ and have personally appropriated the Gospel. The Church exists to worship and glorify God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It also exists to serve him by faithfully doing his will in the earth.

The Church exists to see the Gospel preached and churches planted in all the world for a testimony. The ultimate mission of the Church is the making of disciples through the preaching of the Gospel. When God transforms human nature, this then becomes the chief means of society’s transformation.

Upon conversion, newly redeemed men and women are added to a local church to demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom of God as they devote themselves to each other for the worship of God, the preaching of the Word, the recovery of true community, the administering of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper, for pastoral care and discipline, and for mission.

After he ascended, Jesus Christ gave gift ministries to the Church (including apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) for the equipping of the body that it might mature and grow. Through the gift ministries, all members of the Church are to be nurtured and equipped for the work of ministry. Men called Elders, who are responsible for governance, oversight and teaching, govern local churches. Deacons are appointed to assist in practical ministries and the care of the church. Qualifications for Elders and Deacons are clearly prescribed in the Bible and are to be strictly adhered to.

The unity of the body of Christ is expressed within and between churches by mutual love, care and encouragement. True fellowship between churches exists in the Holy Spirit and flourishes only where they are faithful to the Gospel.

Baptism and the Lord’s Supper
Baptism and the Lord’s Supper have been given to the churches by Jesus Christ as visible signs of the Gospel and are intended only for those who have personally received the saving grace of Jesus Christ’s atoning work and who become his disciples.

Baptism by immersion is a symbol and powerful confirmation and seal of our union with Jesus Christ and entry into his Church and is meant to accelerate but does not impart spiritual life and is a single event.  The breaking of bread commonly referred to as Lord’s Supper or Communion is a commemoration of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice offered once for all and a means of encounter with Him, though it involves no change in the bread and wine.

The Lord’s Supper is to be observed repeatedly throughout the Christian life as a sign of continued participation in the atoning benefits of Christ’s death. All its blessings are received by faith.

The Future
The Lord Jesus Christ will return personally and bodily in glory to consummate history and fully restore his cosmos. He will bodily raise the dead and judge the world in righteousness. The wicked will be sent to eternal punishment and the righteous will be welcomed into a life of eternal joy in fellowship with God. God will make all things new and will be glorified forever