Here are a few of our Sunday messages for your listening pleasure...


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Convergence in a time of chaos


While we need to be sensible and wise we need to reach out to others and be front footed in these challenging times of the Coronavirus situation. David Hagger also shares some prophetic observations.

David Hagger preaching on Convergence in a time of chaos... 


Arise and Shine! Isa 60 by David Hagger 

Preached at Prophetic Conference at Oceanside Church in Nanaimo Canada in 2019... 


Giving Prophecy the VIP Treatment!- David Hagger


Tyrone Daniel Opening Session of 2017 Australian Equip

Incredible message from Tyrone Daniel the team leader of New Covenant Ministries International at the 2017 Australia Equip for church leaders in Melbourne.


Kingdom Life - Leon Van Daele New Covenant Minisries International Team

Leon Van Daele preaching at Revolution City Church on kingdom life...


Forgiveness and Mistreatment - Dr Art Wouters

Incredible message from Dr Wouters from Tabor College on forgiveness in the life of David.


Your Mel-BOURNE IDENTITY - Ben Whittaker Lead Pastor from Coastlands Church in Adelaide

Like Jason Bourne we need to pick up on our new identity...


A Culture of Celebration - David Hagger

David Hagger is enthusuastic about the biggest BYO ever when Jesus turned water into wine!


Grace Revolution - David Hagger 

New horizons and vistas...


Mike Graves from Oceanside Church in Nanaimo Canada

Incredible message from Mike Graves of New Covenant Ministries International incl prophetic words from the amazing Oceanside team for people at start.



Living as Sons in Freedom - David Hagger

We have fridge access rights...


Love Revolution - David Hagger

Love one another..


Prayer Revolution - David Hagger

There's a call to pray...